Head to the Spice museum, Hamburg's Spicy's Gewürzmuseum


Sitting adjacent to the river Elbe, the "Spicy's Gewürzmuseum" is located in an old warehouse building in the Speicherstadt.Founded in 1991, the museum attracts around 140,000 visitors. 


The museum shows more than 900 exhibits and you will walk through the history of 5 centuries of spice and how it was changed from it's raw state to the cultivation and process for what we know it today.

Inside Spicy Gewürzmuseum

An interactive museum, there are spices that you can touch, smell and taste, many of which you will never have heard of before!

Depending on when you visit, the museum holds themed events where you will get to learn how to cook with some of the spices and talk with experienced chefs. 

Glogg with spices

Don't forget the gift shop where you can buy books on cooking with spices, herbal teas and of course, bags of spices!

Opening hours:
10am-5pm Tue-Sun
Mondays Jul-Oct

Entry fees:
€3.50 for adults,
€1.50 children
includes a small tasty parcel of spice for you to try!

Spicy's Spice Museum
GmbH Am Sandtorkai
34 20457
Tel: + 49 40 36 79 89 
Webpage: www.spicys.de