Visit Antibes - if you want luxury, elegance and glamor

Antibes - Luxury, Elegance and Glamour 

Figur, Picassomuseum, Antibes

Travelling in the comfortable, quieter electric trains along the Cote d'Azur is an experience where one beautiful view replaces the other. Like pearls on a string are the towns, each with its own characteristics, which of course can not be identified through just a window.

If you get off in Antibes, between Nice and Cannes and walk through the diverse neighborhoods of the city (Cote d'Azur's third largest and approximately 75,000 inhabitants), you'll notice the special quality it has on offer.

The historical roots go back over millennia. The name Antibes originates from around 500 years ago where this part of the Mediterranean and further west to Marseille was under Greek possession. The Greeks called the city Antipolis, "The city opposite." Whether it is the opposite Nice, Corsica or maybe Marseille gives historians something to think about and as yet there is not a clear answer. But it is clear that here was a central anchorage important for trade routes in the Mediterranean.

Exclusive boutiques and a quiet charm

Kager i butiskvindue, Antibes, marts 2014
Centreville is characterized today by many exclusive shops that are ambitious in everything from clothing to confectionery. The shop windows often form small works of art all in themselves. The old town confirms the notion of the pleasant and relaxed life on the Mediterranean coast, as artists and connoisseurs have traveled from afar to be a part of.

Stores with crafts, galleries, cafes and restaurants located here offer allot of choice without being overbearing - but just right. At the restaurant Le Figuier de Saint-Esprit (the name inspired by a fig tree in the garden) is quality recognized by a Michelin star.

Fortifications and the Cote d'Azur largest marina

Fæstningsmur, Picassorepro, Antibes, marts 2014
Quality is also shown in the significant fortifications towards the sea built by the famous French fortress builder Vauban (1633-1707). With the monumental Fort Carré in the north, the story has a strategic military stronghold before Nice to the east was French (until 1860 the kingdom of Sardinia).

Mooring work continues around the harbor, Port Vauban, which is Cote d'Azur's largest marina. Yachts of 80 meters and more in length are an impressive sight along with other pleasure and luxury vessels, and there is room for approximately 1800 vessels. The docks give the rich fabric of adventure and dreams of bulwark sailors (23rd to 26th April 2014 held this year's yacht show in Port Vauban).   

Picasso museum and the classical market

Picassomuseet, Antibes, 2013

The wide fortress wall that continues further along the coast past the old town, on the way you pass the Grimaldi castle, which belonged to a family from the 1600s, and 100 years later by the town hall.

Today the palace houses the Picasso Museum. The Spanish artist stayed in the city after the war and used the top floor as a studio. Some of Picasso's works, including "La Joie de vivre" and "The Goat" was donated by the artist himself to Suite d'Antipolis and can be seen in these unique surroundings, which was renovated in 2008.

Markedet, Antibes, marts 2014

On the terrace overlooking the sea near to Arman's sculpture, Hommage à Picasso (Tribute to Picasso), "sea-goddess" by Miro and others. Follow the stairs down behind the Château Grimaldi where you come to Marché Provencal, the covered market, which since the early 1900s has been a popular, colorful and rich place to buy fresh foods. Local crafts are also sold here.

A finale with glamor

Further west, where Antibes has grown along with Juan-les-Pins offers the bays and picturesque beaches. The extremely legendary luxury Hotel du Cap - Eden Roc can be found where its decor and location is almost the symbol of the revival, Cote d'Azur and Antibes from the early 1900s as a tourist destination for wealthy foreigners and is a feature in itself.

The swimming pool is carved into the rock where kings and celebrities have relaxed in the water. During the Cannes Film Festival Sharon Stone, Richard Gere, Madonna, Nicole Kidman and other of today's hottest names have been cooled within these exotic surroundings. It is possible - for a fee - to use the exclusive pool at the Eden Roc. 

Eden Roc, Pressefoto Hotel, Antibes