The Gas Museum: It is not just a traditional museum experience

An entire museum dedicated to the subject of gas.

Gas has had a significant impact on Denmark's development. The GAS Museum in Hobro brings the story of gas to life.

Close to the  harbour of Hobro lies a museum that introduces a rather special topic to the public. As the name suggests, the GASmuse and its various exhibitions focus on the importance of gas and gasworks in Denmark's development from simple farming communities to modern industrial societies. 

Plenty of opportunities for children and energetic adults to play and gain knowledge of gas in the GAS Museum. Photo: The GAS Museum.

The museum uses various interactive narrative methods in the exhibition. Photo: The GAS Museum.

The museum is about much more than long texts and boring exhibitions about gas and Danish history.

Visitors are involved in the museum's stories in different ways. Children can play with many of the remedies that were used for gas production. There are interactive games and screens where you can dive into a range of exciting stories and challenges.

The museum is located at the old gasworks of Hobro.

The museum is located at Hobro's old gasworks, and there is a large variety of different exhibitions in the old production buildings.

The latest show tells you about the story of future energy supply and the transition to renewable energy sources with a focus  on future housing and transportation as well.

For larger groups there is a possibility to book a tour around the museum, one of the museum staff guides the visitors through the various exhibitions. Students can also participate in the museum's workshops to gain much more than just a traditional museum experience.

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