Holiday in Frederikssund: Here are our 5 best holiday tips

Five must-see holiday destinations in Frederikssund

Frederikssund is a breathtaking town, located on the eastern shore of Roskilde Fjord, only one-hour drive from the capital of Denmark.

On the other side of the fjord lies the Hornsherred Peninsula, a beautiful area surrounded by water. 

The Organic Farm of Svanholm

Photo: VisitFrederikssund.  

Svanholm Gods used to be a home of kings and noblemen back in the old days.  

Today it is an intentional community formed by common ideals concerning ecology, income sharing, communal living and self-government.The community consists of 85 adults and 60 children, who operate the large organic farm.

On weekends and school holidays it is possible to visit the organic cafe shop of the estate. In the summer time tours around the farm are open to the public every Sunday.

Visiting Svanhold Gods gives you a glimpse into the past and an inspiring insight into an alternative lifestyle in today's Denmark. 

Fjord trail

If you want to visit nature and exercise your legs, our fjord trail is highly recommended to you. Photo: VisitFrederikssund.

The 275 kilometer long fjord trail along the coastlines of Roskilde Fjord and Isefjord is ideal for both walkers and cyclists. A beautiful stretch of the trail goes through Frederikssund town. During the trip you will pass estates, small and cozy villages, water mills and other historical buildings. 

Fishing tour in the East Forest

There are plenty places ideal for fishing near the East Forest (Østskoven.) Photo: VisitFrederikssund.

If you want a peaceful nature experience, a fishing trip in the East Forest near Selsø Castle is definitely a good choice.

The forest is never crowded and there are plenty opportunities to find your own fishing spot by the lake, where you can quietly throw the fish rod in the water again and again without being disturbed.

During spring time you may catch sea trout, while in the fall hornfish are more common. 

Frederikssund Museum

The cozy garden of the Frederikssund Museum. Photo: VisitFrederikssund.

In central Frederikssund, right next to the bridge to Hornsherred, you may find the Frederikssund Museum. The place is full of idyll with historic buildings and a nice garden.

The exhibitions at the museum focus in particular on the way of living around Roskilde Fjord, how local people have put the resources of nature to use and managed to place food on their table over time.

A visit to the museum might be combined with a stroll through the centrum, where cobblestone shopping streets slope in and out. 

Boat trip around the fjord

You may sail around the fjord on both small and large-sized boats. Photo: VisitFrederikssund.

Do you wish to explore Frederikssund and the Municipality from the water? No problem. The Norwegian passenger ferry, Sagafjord sails daily on Roskilde Fjrod during the summer season.

On board it is possible to have a coffee with a cake, or even a rich dinner with wine if you wish so. There is also an authentic opportunity to travel on a  coal-fired steamship, which takes off from Frederikssund.

If you prefer exploring the place more personally, you may also rent out smaller kayaks and canoes along the coast.